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Anonymous said: how did she gain so much weight this year? how??? is she having any troubles again? she looked fine last year when she I saw her in a movie (2013)

Honestly, I don’t know and neither I care about it. I actually wanted to talk about this, it’s really disrespectful (I don’t mean your message, I understand your point and indeed she has changed) what people have been saying about her and her weight lately. Why does it matter? What if she’s happy? Most people are constantly shaming her for her weight, as if it was the most important thing in the world. And what saddens me most is that are mainly women talking about it. I’m not trying to be a feminist or anything but everyone needs to show some respect and stop commenting about how much weight she gained or how “big” she looks. Let her live her life, and if she wants to lose it, she will. Why does it matter how much weight she gained and how does this affect other people’s lives? Imagine having to deal with many people and tabloids shaming you just because you gained some pounds? I think if she’s happy with, that’s enough. I won’t comment about her weight or any of this, if she wants to change, she’ll do it herself. We should all just stop talking about.

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